Corporate HeadShots

$450 1/2 day      1-4 hours

$800 Full day     5-8 hours

  1. Previous to the session we will stop by for a quick 5 minute location check to find and agree upon the best conference room or space in the office to shoot the images.

  2. We will notify by Email or Text each participant the day before AND the day of the shoot to assure we are all ready for the session.

  3. We will provide all Studio Lighting and equipment necessary for the session.

  4. We will coach each participant and instruct them on how the shoot will play out, encouraging them professionally into their comfort zone.

  5. You are paying for Professional work. With that in mind we will take several photos of each employee. Glasses ON, Glasses OFF. From the Right side. From the Left side. 20 images of each employee is a reasonable amount for the employee to find an image he/she will like.

  6. Back at the studio, images will be retouched. Stray hairs and facial imperfections will be airbrushed away. Any problem areas an employee wants removed such as facial scars will be removed if requested.